NetRight Daily: Stopping Obama's Environmental "End-Around"

Stopping Obama's Environmental "End-Around":  With the "science" of global warming collapsing like a house of cards, the Copenhagen "climate change" conference accomplishing absolutely nothing and a massive energy tax hike going nowhere in the U.S. Senate, President Barack Obama is now faced with a conundrum. He can either read the handwriting on the wall, or seek to accomplish through regulation what he couldn't accomplish through legislation: the handover of U.S. environmental

The Continuing Federal Land Grab:  The use and abuse of the Antiquities Act, legislation which dates back to the time of Teddy Roosevelt, is nothing new. While the bulk of the national monuments so created came in the first few decades after the Act's 1906 adoption, the practice of creating them was again accelerated with President Carter creating 15 national monuments out of Alaskan territory in 1978. By doing so he throttled the resource development of these areas and angered local officials who wanted Washington's hands off the land.

Beck v. Levin, Part 1:  The first day of CPAC 2010 had concluded by the time I had a chance to actually look at my program. It was then that I realized that Mark Levin was nowhere to be found on the schedule. Strange, I thought. I was 90% positive that I remembered conference organizer Lisa dePasquale Tweeting at least a couple of months prior that Levin was a confirmed speaker this year. Puzzled, I Tweeted a fellow attendee to verify that Levin had been booked. My friend replied that he didn't think so. Since I had left myself open to that 10% margin of doubt, I assumed I had either misread Lisa's Tweet or maybe even dreamed the whole thing. (Yes, I must admit it. Phantom Tweeting has occurred in my dreams. Hello, my name is Glen and I'm a hopeless Twitterholic.)

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