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  1. In Remembrance of Gale Thomson
  2. John Tholl Wins!
  3. Democrats Want to Create NH Czars
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In Remembrance of Gale Thomson


We were all saddened to hear of the death of former First Lady Gale Thomson this week. Gale was a gracious First Lady who will be sorely missed.

If you'd like to pay your respects the calling hours will be from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Friday, March 12th at Mt. Cube Farm located at 1364 Governor Thomson Scenic Highway (NH Rt. 25A) in Orford.

Republicans Continue to Win!

Congratulations to John Tholl on his special election victory in Coos County District 2! John ran a traditional town-to-town, person-to-person grassroots campaign that focused on Republican principles and won a seat that was previously held by a tax-and-spend Democrat.

John’s victory caps off an extremely successful special election season that saw Republican candidates win 7 out of 8 contests.

Democrats Want to Create NH Czars

Taking a page out of President Obama's playbook, NH Democrats are attempting to create more bureaucracy in New Hampshire by appointing a health-care and pay czar.

Watch Governor Sununu talk about their disastrous plans:



NHGOP Calls for Dem. Ethics Investigation

The NHGOP has called for House Speaker Terrie Norelli to ask the Legislative Ethics Committee to investigate whether Representative Daniel Eaton (D-Stoddard) violated ethics guidelines when he allegedly interfered with a State Liquor Commission investigation. Rep. Eaton is the 4th ranking Democrat in Speaker Norelli's leadership team.

According to a report in The Union Leader (3/6), New Hampshire State Liquor Commission Enforcement Director Eddie Edwards claims that Representative Eaton tried to “stymie” an investigation of a Keene tavern owned by one of his political allies. Jerry Flynn, Executive Director of the New England Benevolent Association backed up Mr. Edwards’ accusations, claiming that Mr. Eaton “harassed” two state liquor inspectors that went to the bar and “made it very well know that he was a high-ranking public elected official.”

According to Legislative Ethics Guidelines, New Hampshire legislators are prohibited from “threaten[ing] reprisals or promis[ing] inducements of any kind to influence another so as to obtain special personal benefits for the legislator, the legislator's immediate family, or for certain constituents which would not be available to others under similar conditions.” They are also barred from “conduct[ing] private negotiations with any governmental agency in an attempt to obtain a decision on a pending matter which would result in special personal benefit to the legislator, to the legislator's immediate family, or to certain constituents which would not be available to others under similar conditions.”

Representative Eaton’s alleged “harassment” of Liquor Commission inspectors and his secret meeting with Commissioner Bodi during his department’s investigation raises serious questions about whether he violated these ethical guidelines.

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