OFA - NH Director Tim Aresenault on Launch of 'Final March to Reform'

Tim Arsenault, State Director of Organizing for America (OFA)-New Hampshire issued the following statement regarding the organization’s launch of the ‘Final March to Reform’:


“Today, OFA supporters in New Hampshire join health reform advocates from around the country in launching a sustained push to help pass health insurance reform.


“We already know what will happen if we don’t pass health reform. Insurance companies will continue their abusive practices—arbitrarily hiking our premium rates by as much as 39 percent, denying coverage to people with ‘pre-existing conditions,’ and dropping our coverage if we get sick. Meanwhile, the President’s proposals would return control over our health care choices to American families and businesses, create four million jobs over the next ten years, and reduce our budget deficit by $100 billion in the first decade.


“Granite Staters have made clear time and again in the past year we cannot afford to accept the status quo. It’s time to pass health insurance reform now.”