CHQ - Jim DeMint is a Wise Conservative Leader - He Chooses Voters Over Politicians

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@RichardViguerie says Jim DeMint not popular with GOP Senators. You can't be popular with politicians and voters. DeMint has chosen wisely.

Jim DeMint's bid to embrace tea party irks Senate GOP colleagues
Politico - Testimony to the fact that Sen. Jim DeMint is an effective conservative leader is the fact that many of his fellow Republican Senators don't seem to like him - which means that his efforts to prop up the conservative grassroots must be hitting home.  DeMint doesn't care what his Party's establishment thinks, which is just the kind of leader that conservatives need in Washington - and through his hard work, we may see more like him in the Senate very soon. 


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Lessons from the Coffee Party
American Thinker - Mark J. Fitzgibbons blogs on the liberals' attempt to answer the immensely popular grassroots conservative Tea Parties - noting that the so-called 'Coffee Parties' are merely a shadow of the Tea Party movement simply because they're  not genuine.  Despite this, Fitzgibbons argues that there are legitimate grassroots cause may finally get off the ground.  

'Taxpayer day' brings out anti-tax protesters
Colorado Statesman - Here's a look at a local taxpayer protest in Colorado, where concerned citizens gathered to show their solidarity in opposition to increased taxes passed by the Colorado legislature without their consent. 

Republican hopes for improbable Hawaiian Surprise
American Spectator - Philip Klein writes of another special election that could end up as a shocking surprise for the majority Party in Washington - this time in heavily Democratic Hawaii (in the president's home district), where an upstart Republican (Charles Djou) looks to be Hawaii's lone GOP presence in Congress. 

With ban, GOP calls duel on earmarks
Washington Times - It's taken years for the message to sink in, but there are signs amongst Republicans in the House of Representatives that they're hearing the calls from Americans to get spending under control, having passed a ban on earmarks for this year. 

'In God We Trust' and Pledge of Allegiance Found Constitutional  Pacific Justice Institute -- Today the Ninth Circuit issued two opinions regarding the national motto and the pledge of allegiance. The Court found that neither the motto nor the pledge violate the First Amendment's Establishment Clause.

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