"On the Road Again!"                         

After I wrote to you last, we headed to the Strafford County Republican Committee Lincoln-Reagan Evening. There were over 100 energized people in attendance and I have a feeling that the high turn out is a sign that people are ready to get  out there and  fight to  make some changes in our state and country. Friends, I have said it before and will continue to throughout the year...this mid-term election is, in my opinion, the most important election in recent history. We have a chance to end the age of entitlement and strike back at the Washington establishment to tell them "the people will be heard."

At the Strafford County event, I had the opportunity to meet Lt. Col. USMC (Ret.) "Mac" McLean. Not only is this  great American a veteran of two wars but at 92 years-old Mac is still actively committed to service work. He is an avid Pease Greeter and it is rare that he misses the opportunity to welcome our troops home or give them a proper send off. He advocates for the Pease Greeters at every opportunity and I was grateful to learn more about this great organization from him. You can check out the site here; I know I will be going to join the Greeters for a flight soon.

Supporting our men and women in uniform was certainly an important theme this week. I attended the MooreMart breakfast Wednesday morning in Concord. MooreMart is an outstanding New Hampshire based volunteer organization that supplies soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan with care packages containing items that make their jobs and their deployments just a little easier. They also collect letters and cards of support made by school-aged children to include in the packages. We heard testimony from soldiers who told us these packages truly raised their spirits and reminded them of what they are fighting for: protecting the American people at home and defending liberty and the values our nation was founded upon. Learn more about the remarkable work done by MooreMart  here.

I also want to give a special thanks to Diane Bitter and Sue Polidura for putting together a well-organized and informative Meet and Greet for Republican candidates  in Rye the other night.   I was happy to join with Rye Republicans in honoring Evelyn Marconi and Ruth Griffin as pillars of the New Hampshire GOP community. Ladies, you are icons of conservative values and I thank you for all you do for the Granite State.

 Grassroots Activists of the Week

 I would like to recognize our Grassroots Activists of the Week, Donna & Barry Nilson and Mark & Dawn Shearholdt, for hosting a Meet & Greet at the Nilson home in Amherst! There were a number of new faces in attendance...folks from the community that are ready to get involved in the political process and make their voices heard in Washington! We had a great conversation and I recevied a number of important questions regarding the economy, health care, Washington entitlement and term limits. Thanks again to the Nilsons and the Shearholdts for your generosity and tremendous efforts to organize and hold a terrific event! 

 In Case you Missed it 

President Obama, who had previously pledged to govern as a "post-partisan" leader, is now working in concert with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to ram his one-party health care measure through the Senate under the back-room process of reconciliation with no Republican support.  Reconciliation may sound benign, but in truth, it is a way for the Democrats to ignore the will of the people. Where is New Hampshire's own Paul Hodes in all this? He stands with Obama, Pelosi and Reid and against the people. See the op-ed that I wrote for Human Events here.
I also would like to share my statement on my support of the ban on earmarks this week. Senator DeMint has been a principled and tenacious leader on earmarks from day one in the Senate. He continually sets a strong example for others to follow and I supported him on his efforts to force a vote on a one-year earmark ban this week in the Senate. Earmarking is a bi-partisan problem that has a corrupting influence on legislators, and leads only to more wasteful spending.

In addition, on Tuesday I got to join Charlie Sherman in studio to talk with him about New Hampshire values and about the campaign trail. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

 Looking Ahead

  • March 16 at 5:30pm - I will be attending the Americans for Prosperity event at the Rochester Elks Club 41 Columbus Avenue, Rochester.
  • March 17 at 4:00pm - Join me at the Bobby Stevens Celebration on St. Pat! It will be held at the Executive Court 1199 South Mammoth Road in Manchester.
  • March 17 at 7:00pm - Join me for a St. Patrick's Day Green Beer Meet and Greet at the home of Liz and Sean Ferren, 28 Lindsay Road in Hooksett.
  • March 18 - I will be speaking to Hampstead GOP Committee members at the Hampstead Public Library, 9 Mary E. Clark Drive at 7pm.
  • March 19 - I will be joining Republicans from around the state at the Hillsborough County GOP reception and dinner with Congressman Mike Pence.  It will be at CR Sparks in Bedford starting at 5:30pm.

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