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Afghanistan and America
Our Dysfunctional Approach

Preconceptions, Misconceptions and "No Feedback Loop" Lead to American Disaster

Afghanistan: An American Disaster
Afghanistan, An American Disaster

I have only recently returned from the region where I toured as a journalist and lecturer.  Our group included Jeff Gates, Raja Mugtaba, BG Asif Haroon Raja and BG Ali Raza and me of Veterans Today and Opinion Maker.  We met with some people we will not mention and many we can.  Prince Ali of Afghanistan had a delegation with us headed by Fayyaz Shah,  as advisors.  BG Ali Raza was primary coordinator on the ground for Pakistan during the "Charley Wilson War" against the Soviets.  No person has spent so much time "where he isn't supposed to be" as General Ali Raza.  BG Asif Haroon Raja is Pakistan's best known military analyst and author and an invaluable resource.

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