NetRight Daily: HealthCare

Passing ObamaCare Is Worse:  As Congress and the American people enter the final stage of the debate over ObamaCare, Congressional Democrats attempt to delude themselves into believing that, as the Washington Post reports, "passing the legislation is key to limiting damage to the party during this year's perilous midterm elections."

Denying the Truth At All Costs:  Politics and policy has become surreal. Webster's defines the term as "bizarre or dreamlike". No word better describes the current state of affairs.

Beck v. Levin Part 2:  In contrast to the vivid recollection I maintain of my inaugural exposure to Glenn Beck, I don't remember when I first became cognizant of Mark Levin. It had to have been in the mid-90's, though, when I first heard the incomparable Rush Limbaugh refer to "F. Lee" Levin. This was in the heyday of the O.J. Simpson trial; consequently, many of us were familiar with F. Lee Bailey, one of O.J.'s highly esteemed "Dream Team" of attorneys. This was the context in which Rush affectionately bestowed the moniker on his friend.

In Defense of the Filibuster:  Never mind that Democrats have controlled both the House and the Senate since 2007, following wins in the 2006 midterm election. Never mind that a Democratic president was elected in 2008. Never mind that congressional Democrats wasted the year that followed, during which they could have passed virtually any piece of legislation they desired, but chose instead to bicker over the details of a socialist health-care takeover. Why focus on these facts, when one can choose instead to dine from the ruling party's ever-growing buffet of lies?

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