AJS to Lynch & Ayotte: Hands Off NH's Money

Alexandria, VA- Americans for Job Security launched advertisements today highlighting Governor John Lynch and Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte’s unconstitutional attempts to take private property. 

Governor John Lynch and his Attorney General Kelly Ayotte attempted one of the largest confiscations of private property in New Hampshire history. Together, they moved to drain the private medical malpractice funds of our doctors, nurses and healthcare providers. Thankfully the Supreme Court slapped down their $110 million raid of private funds.

 “The people of New Hampshire deserve to know the truth about John Lynch and Kelly Ayotte’s unconstitutional attempts to take private property,” said Stephen DeMaura president of AJS.

 “…the state’s move was an unconstitutional taking of private property,” Nashua Telegraph 1/29/2010

 “The Lynch-Ayotte mindset of private property confiscation to feed a bigger and ever growing government is fundamentally misguided,” added DeMaura. 

 “If John Lynch and Kelly Ayotte thought raiding the private accounts of Doctors, Nurses and health care providers was ok then what about the victims’ restitution fund, or College 529 savings plans?,” DeMaura said.

AJS’s initial effort includes a petition and website at www.HandsOffNH.com, as well as internet and direct mail advertising.

Americans for Job Security is a non-profit, non-partisan pro-business issue advocacy organization that promotes issues that strengthen the American economy. To learn more about AJS visit www.SaveJobs.org.