Ashooh to Shea-Porter: End the silence, Stand Up to Pelosi's Backroom Deal

Democrats’ attempt to “deem” health care bill passed ignores concerns and breaks promise to American public for more openness

MANCHESTER – Today, Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, made the following statement regarding Carol Shea-Porter’s silence over Nancy Pelosi’s plan to circumvent a vote on the health care bill.
“For weeks, Congressional Democrats have clamored for a straight up or down vote on health care.  Now that they have their chance to get the vote, Carol Shea-Porter is refusing to speak out against Nancy Pelosi’s legislative trick to jam this enormously expensive, intrusive and unpopular bill through to the President’s desk.  If they can’t even muster a simple majority to pass this bill, that should tell them something.”

“Pelosi liberals in the House are proposing to enact ObamaCare by ‘deeming’ the bill passed with no recorded vote on the measure.  This maneuver is quite possibly unconstitutional, but certainly undemocratic.”
“You couldn’t find a darker corner to a backroom deal than this latest example.  Carol Shea-Porter needs to stop hiding and tell her constituents where she stands on Pelosi’s scheme to pass the health care bill.  Carol is not listening to her constituents who don’t want this bill, never asked for it, can’t afford it, and will suffer under the bureaucratic weight of it.  I’ve been to every part of the district, and the people who elected her are saying loud and clear that this process is broken and ObamaCare must be stopped.”
“Through every means possible, Americans have expressed their concern over the direction of the Democrats’ proposal on health care reform.  But, in their zeal to pass this proposal over the clear opposition of the people, Democrats are once again skirting accountability and breaking a promise to the American public for more openness in government.”
“The process has been corrupted to the point where Carol Shea-Porter won’t even take a stand on a bill that proposes to re-write 15% of the U.S. economy.  It’s time for her to set aside this pattern of political arrogance and side with her constituents.”