CHQ - Northern Virginians can hear Richard Viguerie speak in Chantilly at 2:30 pm this Saturday

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@RichardViguerie    Big government liberals are on the defense, their agenda is in disarray, they are unpopular and are facing massive losses in November. #tcot

@RichardViguerie   Conservatives & Tea Partiers regardless of outcome of health care vote, be encouraged. You achieved more than anyone expected. #tcot

Richard Viguerie to speak at "The Tea Party Movement: Vindicating the Founders" this Saturday - Northern Virginians, come hear Richard A. Viguerie, Chairman of , speak in Chantilly, March 20, at 2:30 pm. The event, "The Tea Party Patriot Movement: Vindicating the Founders," is sponsored by Restore the Founders Vision, a Virginia-based organization that seeks to re-establish in the minds of Americans the principles shared by the Founders of the Republic.

Mr. Viguerie will be speaking on the topic "How the Tea Party Patriot Movement will change America for the better." Other speakers will include David Mason, former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, Patrick McSweeney, a constitutional lawyer and former Chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia, and Jamie Radtke, Chairman of Virginia Tea Party Patriots.

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Dear CHQ reader,
Last Thursday you received duplicate daily CHQ emails -- one by mistake.  I apologize.  I know you, as a conservative activist and leader, get plenty of emails, and don't need any unnecessary ones.  I value all the comments I get from recipients of my CHQ daily email, and am grateful for your dedication to the conservative movement.
Richard A. Viguerie




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