CHQ - Conservative Activists Overwhelm Colorado's Caucuses

Outsiders win big in Colorado's caucuses
Denver Daily News - Tuesday's Colorado caucuses followed the overwhelming trend witnessed across America as the state's voters sent a message to the establishments of both the Democrats and Republicans:  you're not going to choose our candidates for us.  Grassroots citizens spoke out against a sitting U.S. Senator (Democrat Michael Bennett) and the national GOP-backed candidate (U.S. Senate contender Jane Norton), giving their 'challengers' an excellent chance to prevail in the August Colorado primary. 

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Brewing Tensions between the Tea Party and GOP
Reuters  - "Interviews with Tea Partiers across the country paint a picture of a genuine, amorphous, conservative grassroots movement united by three core principles: constitutionally limited government, free market ideology and low taxes."

Girl Scouts Ties with Planned Parenthood Extensive and Long Standing
Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute - Some Girls Scout mothers in St. Louis are fighting back against their own big-government friendly national organization. It turns out that Planned Parenthood has persuaded the Girl Scouts national organization to distribute the International Planned Parenthood Federation(IPPF) sex guide. But St. Louis moms are saying no.

Flashback: The Fusionist
National Review Online - Editor's note: This review appeared in the June 17, 2002, issue of National Review.

Principles and Heresies: Frank S. Meyer and the Shaping of the American Conservative Movement, by Kevin J. Smant (ISI, 425 pp., $29.95)

"For fifty years, most American conservatives have stood for three basic propositions: that American foreign policy should seek to end totalitarian regimes; that the domestic functions of government, and especially of the federal government, should be strictly limited; and that the moral precepts traditionally associated with Christianity (sometimes the formulation includes Judaism as well) should be upheld."

LA Times suddenly wary of judicial activism and spouses
Hot Air (Ed Morrissey) - "I really wish the media would get its story straight on spouses and activism. When Bill Clinton ran for President, the media scolded people who began questioning whether Hillary Clinton would use her influence to shape policy in the White House.

"Suddenly, though, the LA Times and Kathleen Hennessey have a problem with activist wives. Hennessey profiles Virginia 'Ginny' Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and speculates throughout the article that Thomas' work as an activist with Liberty Central may cross lines of judicial objectivity."

Jeff Toobin Disagrees with LA Times on Mrs. Clarence Thomas' activism
Newsbusters - "Jeffrey Toobin disputed the conclusion of the Los Angeles Times on the new political initiative of Clarence Thomas's wife Virginia Thomas, that it 'could give rise to conflicts of interest for her it tests the norms for judicial spouses.' Toobin defended Mrs. Thomas' grassroots conservative work."

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