OFA - NH Director Tim Arsenault: The Drive for Reform is Fueled by our Friends and Family

The ‘Final March for Reform’ for many is an Intensely Personal Campaign

Organizing for America (OFA)-New Hampshire Director Tim Arsenault today released the following statement highlighting the personal health care story of New Hampshire resident Scott Baetz:

“Often lost in the debate over health care reform is the intensely personal nature of it. People across America are going without preventive care and treatment, and they are suffering simply because of the cost of care. Reform that makes insurance more secure and affordable can no longer be stalled for political gain. 

“This week, the President told the story of an Ohio woman named Natoma Canfield, a cancer survivor who recently wrote to the President. She is self-employed and had sought out insurance in the individual market, but year after year her premiums rose until she no longer could afford coverage. Two weeks later, she was diagnosed with leukemia and now not only has to worry about whether she’ll survive, but about how she can pay for it when she does.

“Unfortunately, the most remarkable part about Natoma’s story is that it is not rare. Our current health care system is working better for the insurance industry than for Granite Staters like Scott Baetz who is a small business owner from Windham who has watched his health care expenses nearly triple in the last three years.  Scott used to be able to offer his employees top health insurance coverage, but now can only afford plans with extremely high deductibles. Scott, like too many small business owners worries that he may not be able to afford health insurance for his employees.

“In the final days before Congress considers health insurance reform, it will be stories like Scott Baetz’s or of a sick friend or family member that drives OFA supporters in their tireless efforts to pick up the phone to make just one more page of calls or to pen a letter to their local newspaper.”


Organizing for America (OFA) is a grassroots project of the Democratic National Committee. OFA's network of volunteers and staff is actively working in all 50 states to promote the President's proposals to strengthen America's middle class by creating jobs, passing health insurance reform, building a clean energy economy, improving education, and reining in the excesses of Wall Street. OFA last week launched its “Final March for Reform” in an unprecedented national push to pass comprehensive health insurance reform that expands access to quality, affordable care.