Sununu For EC - Lynch, Hollingworth Should End Political Tap Dance and Stop Salem Toll Booth

EXETER – Today, Chris Sununu, Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s District 3 Executive Council seat, issued the following statement:
“One thing is clear – as Governor, John Lynch has the power to stop the NH DOT’s pursuit of a Salem toll booth, but instead he is surrendering authority to state bureaucrats on a critical issue for New Hampshire’s commuters and small businesses.
“Governor Lynch first allowed the DOT to apply for a toll booth in Salem, while suggesting he would study the issue.  Now, the Governor says that he’s opposed to the toll booth, but is making no effort to instruct his own DOT commissioner to abandon the proposal.  At every level, the Governor’s position makes no sense. John Lynch needs to end this political tap dance, and stop the toll booth.
“Bev Hollingworth’s role as an Executive Councilor is to provide a check on the Governor’s powers and policies.  But, she has been completely silent on the issue of the Salem toll booth, which will choke off a major economic artery to the southern tier, disrupt commerce, and harm small businesses and commuters. Hollingworth is failing in her job, and failing her constituents who desperately want to be heard.
“Bev Hollingworth and John Lynch are more interested in avoiding responsibility than solving problems.  That is unacceptable.
“As an Executive Councilor, I will not be silent on issues or avoid responsibility.  Voters will know where I stand, and I will make sure that their voice is heard throughout the State House.”