CHQ - National Wave of Conservative Grassroots Activism Sweeping All Age Groups

Conservative shift boosts Arizona College Republicans  - The national wave of conservative grassroots enthusiasm is apparently hitting college campuses as well, as college Republican groups in Arizona are reporting a surge in interest and membership in the past year.  Young voters flocked to Pres. Obama in the 2008 election - but the trend is definitely headed in the other direction as young conservatives are beginning to join together and advocate for the policies that are important to them. 


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A conservative call to arms in Nevada - Erick Erickson previews the GOP Senate primary contest in Nevada, where two main Republican challengers are vying for the GOP nomination to take on Majority Leader Harry Reid in November. 

Tea Party could shake West Texas county's one-party system
The Monitor - Tea Parties across America are doing more than just protesting government policies - they're working to reform the major parties from the ground up as well. 

'Seditious Conservatives' attacked in Marin County
American Thinker - Local conservative activist Sally Zelikovsky points out the recent trend of liberals in Marin County to curtail free speech. "I don't agree with what you say, but I'll defend your right to say it" is no longer in vogue for some Mill Valley (Marin County, California) residents, according to Zelikovsy.

'Young Guns' target House GOP gains
Washington Times - As the Republican Party looks to cut into (or overtake) the Democrats' substantial majority in the House of Representatives, one of the strategies being employed is the 'Young Guns' program, which seeks to identify the most promising local candidates and support them in their campaigns. 

Voters switching their allegiances to 'Independent'
Washington Daily News (North Carolina) - While the registration rolls of Democrats and Republicans in North Carolina have grown by 11 percent and 16 percent, respectively, since 2000, the number of voters choosing not to affiliate with any party soared. The 627,500 new unaffiliated voters in North Carolina are more than half of the 1,162,000 voters added during the decade, according to Hall.

Tea Party effect becomes apparent in local elections
Dallas Morning News - Tea Party activism may have started with national politics in mind, but its themes have filtered down into state and even local races.  

Dems, GOP Face Tough Caucus Night in Colorado
Pueblo Chieftan (Colorado) - When it comes to grass-roots politics, it's hard to get any closer to the soil than a precinct caucus.


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