DNC - Senator Gregg, Republicans Continue To Play Partisan Political Games, New Hampshire Residents Lose Healthcare, Unemployment and Other Benefits

Republicans Continue To Sacrifice The Interests Of Their Constituents For Political Posturing
Washington, DC – In the latest example that Republicans like New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg are more interested in playing partisan political games than in fighting for the best interests of their constituents, Republicans, led by Kentucky Senator Jim Bunning, and with praise from Republicans like Senator John Cornyn of Texas, are blocking the Senate from taking action on critical funding for transportation projects, health care and unemployment benefits.  
This is a recent and egregious example of Republicans obstructing the work of the Congress at the expense of the America people - but not the only one.  Alabama Republican Senator Richard Shelby is holding up critical positions in our nation's military at a time of war, nearly 30 Republicans attempted to stop consideration of a jobs bill, Republicans across the country fought tooth and nail to block the Recovery Act which has now saved or created over 2 million jobs and kept us from falling into a second Great Depression, and they continue to threaten to use procedural tactics to block health reform.
As a result of this latest obstruction, unemployed Granite Staters will immediately lose their health care coverage under COBRA as well as unemployment assistance. Sen. Bunning’s actions have also caused the Department of Transportation to temporarily shut down projects, furloughing 2,000 employees without pay.
“Republican obstruction on these critical issues is indefensible.  New Hampshire Senator Gregg and Republicans are playing politics on the backs of thousands of hard-working Americans who are already struggling to keep their families afloat in this tough economy,” said DNC Regional Press Secretary Michael Czin. “Republicans have proven again and again that they will play politics with almost any issue, even if it means sacrificing the best interests and economic security of their constituents to do so.  They are putting our national security on the line at a time of war and our economic security on the line in the midst of the worst economy since the Great Depression – where is the line?  Is there anything they won’t sacrifice for the sake of political posturing?”