NetRight Daily: Republicans Face a Choice

Republicans Face a Choice:  If the recent events in Virginia are any idicator, it looks like the old ways of the GOP might be far from dead.

GOP Should Learn From Ron Paul's CPAC Victory:  In the days following Texas Rep. Ron Paul's decisive win over former governors Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin in the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) straw poll, left-leaning networks, predictably, treated the event as further proof that tea party activists are taking over the Republican Party. That was to be expected. Liberal smear tactics, particularly those which rely on outright lies, are never justified; however, their derisive reaction to the poll should be interpreted as a nerve struck. A televised view of a crowd of young, enthused conservatives is bound to disturb the opposition.

Global Warming: Having It Both Ways:  As people around the world watched the Winter Olympics this week, they were treated not only to images of the world's greatest Winter athletes performing superbly in the sports at which they excel but they were also given a behind-the-scenes window into the frustrations dealt with by the games' Canadian hosts.

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