NHDP - NH Republican Candidates Silently Support Republican Plans to Privatize Social Security & Slash Medicare and Medicaid

Republican Congressman Paul Ryan outlines disastrous proposals at NH GOP fundraiser 


Concord - Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) pitched the reckless Republican plan to slash Medicare and Medicaid, and privatize Social Security in New Hampshire this weekend.  Ryan held a fundraiser for the New Hampshire Republican Party, and a breakfast with young Republicans. 


While Judd Gregg has been a long time supporter of Paul Ryan's, the Republican candidates for Congress haven't been as vocal about Ryan, or any of the extreme Republican proposals he outlined over the weekend.


"Granite Staters know that the Republican plan to privatize Social Security that Ryan outlined this weekend would be a disaster for our state and country," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "Does Kelly Ayotte, Charlie Bass, Frank Guinta, Rich Ashooh and the other Republican candidates agree with Congressman Ryan and national Republicans? Or will they actually side with the people of New Hampshire?"


The irresponsible Republican plan to privatize social security that Congressman Ryan outlined would put the program at the whims of the market.  In the aftermath of the worst recession since the Great Depression, it's clear this idea would be a disaster for New Hampshire's seniors.   


"The Republican plan to slash Medicaid and Medicare is equally disturbing," said Richer.  "These irresponsible Republican plans would be devastating for New Hampshire families who are already struggling during these difficult economic times.  Ayotte, Bass, Guinta, Ashooh, and the other Republican candidates need to stand with the people of the Granite State, not with these disastrous proposals."