AFP - Obama Is Right: This is Historic

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With 48 hours to go before the expected House vote, I wanted to let you know just how deeply the grassroots effort you are a part of has permeated the health care battle. 

Click to see a snapshot of one of our "Hands Off My Health Care" rallies posted today as the top picture on, which is considered the top news compilation site on the Internet.

Click here to see a picture from a different "Hands Off My Health Care" rally that was the top photo on, which is one of the top 5 web portal sites in the nation. 

If you CLICK to you'll see the petition site we just launched at 6 a.m. on Thursday.  Well over 100,000 activists have already signed this petition telling their member of Congress: "If you vote YES on health care, I'm voting NO on you this November."  We're using your zip code to bombard members of Congress with the petitions from their constituents back home.

In all candor, I do not know if we are going to win in the House of Representatives on Sunday.  Our best intelligence says the other side is a few votes short, but no one really knows – after all, we're dealing with 431 politicians, and vote counts rely on their word...

But, after being on the road in targeted districts, after seeing the photos and videos from rallies, after talking with thousands of our fellow citizens in recent days, I can tell you unequivocally that we are winning with the American people

Congress knows we're winning with the people on health care.  And, even their friends in the mainstream media know we're winning.  Yesterday I appeared on "Hardball" with Chris Matthews and it was challenging as usual with him.  But at the end of the interview I told him you cannot find fired-up crowds calling FOR the health care takeover.  Chris, not usually at a loss for words, basically agreed!

A mom in Fairfax, Virginia protested outside President Obama's health care speech at George Mason University this morning. She told one of our AFP staff, "This is my first rally. … I didn't think it would come to this." Neither did we – and we've been fighting this health care takeover since Obama was on the campaign trail. Click to see video from the rally.

You're making a difference in the closing days of this hard-fought battle. I hope to see you at the rally tomorrow – Saturday, at noon, in Upper Senate Park right by the Capitol. We've got AFP activists coming in from Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and even as far away as Wisconsin! It's going to be an amazing coalition effort of organizations and tea party groups against this health care takeover.

Our friends across the nation who can't make it to Washington this weekend need to see the rest of us there. As do all the members of Congress.

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