NHDP - Ayotte, Ovide and Binnie to NH: Insurance Profits More Important Than Your Family and Your Business

GOP Senate Candidates Promise to Repeal Historic Health Care Reform - Eliminating Tax Cuts, Assistance and Coverage for 34,600 Small Businesses and 259,000 Families in NH
CONCORD - With Washington set to vote on historic health care reform this weekend, New Hampshire's GOP senate candidates have been staking their campaigns on a vow to repeal the legislation, if elected. Bill Binnie was the third candidate this week, following Kelly Ayotte and Ovide Lamontagne, to promise to introduce legislation that would repeal tax cuts and coverage for hundreds of thousands of small business and families across New Hampshire.
In New Hampshire alone, the effects of repeal would be devastating. Numbers released earlier this week by the House Energy and Commerce committee estimate that repealing health care would:
  • Take back tax credits and other assistance given to up to 259,000 families and 34,600 small businesses to help them afford coverage;
  • Eliminate coverage for 59,500 uninsured residents poised to gain coverage;
  • Take back coverage from 17,600 residents with pre-existing conditions;
  • Take away coverage from 92,000 young adults now able to obtain coverage on their parents' insurance plans;
  • Eliminate millions in new funding for 59 community health centers across New Hampshire;
  • Maintain sky-rocketing prescription drug costs for 207,000 Medicare beneficiaries by keeping open the prescription drug donut hole

"Kelly Ayotte, Ovide Lamontagne and Bill Binie would do the same thing in the Senate they've done on the campaign trail - choose insurance companies over middle-class families and put politics before real reform," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Repeal would mean literally taking away the coverage, tax credits and other assistance that hundreds of thousands of New Hampshire families and small businesses are poised to get once health care reform passes. It means turning their backs on middle-class families and putting insurance companies back in charge of a broken, backwards system."