Sununu For EC - Voters Defeat Toll Booth with No Help from Hollingworth

Sununu: Hollingworth’s absence on I-93 toll booth shows that she is “out-of-touch” with constituents

 EXETER – Today, Chris Sununu, Republican candidate for New Hampshire’s District 3 Executive Council seat, issued the following statement:
“I applaud the tireless efforts of the citizens of Southern New Hampshire who stood up and fought successfully for the termination of the I-93 toll booth proposal.  This victory is proof that the active voice of the people is still strong and an important part of the political process.

"Bev Hollingworth’s silence on this issue is evidence that she is out-of-touch with her constituents and not getting the job done in District 3.  Unlike my opponent, I was proud to stand with the voters to hold Governor Lynch’s feet to the fire on terminating the Salem toll booth proposal.  The Governor once again showed that he is incapable of making decisions on important issues, as he punted the issue to his DOT commissioner to address.

I stood strong against this terrible proposal from the beginning, and I am very pleased we defeated it.  Bev Hollingworth has been an enabler for Governor Lynch and his unelected bureaucrats, and I hope that now she might apply some pressure to bring highway spending back in balance and to a sustainable level for the state.”