Shea-Porter Applauds Passage of Legislation that Protects TRICARE

WASHINGTON, DC Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter spoke on the House  floor in favor of legislation that explicitly states that TRICARE and the Non-Appropriated Fund health plans satisfy all of requirements for individual health insurance currently under consideration by Congress. This ensures that those insured under TRICARE would not have to purchase additional insurance. The TRICARE Affirmation Act passed the House by a vote of 403 to 0. 

As a member of the Armed Services Committee, I am proud to be an original cosponsor, said Congresswoman Shea-Porter. We have a solemn responsibility to provide our service members with the care and services that they are due. They risk their lives in service to our nation, and it is imperative we keep our promises to them.

Advocating for our service members and their families is not a Democratic or Republican issue, and as a former military spouse myself, it's troubling to me that TRICARE would be included as one of the topics of the various misinformation campaigns. This bill ensures that members of our Armed Services, military retirees, and their families can keep their TRICARE coverage.

I am proud to have stood in support of our service members by preventing increases in TRICARE co-pays. This legislation has given us the opportunity to reaffirm not only the importance of TRICARE, but that under our health reform legislation, these benefits will remain as they are.