Ashooh Statement on Health Care Vote


Voters will hold Congresswoman accountable for vote supporting ObamaCare

MANCHESTER – Today, Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, made the following statement regarding Carol Shea-Porter’s vote for the health insurance bill.
“Carol Shea-Porter’s vote to support the Obama-Pelosi health insurance bill over the objections of her constituents shows just how out-of-touch she is with New Hampshire and mainstream America.  One of a handful of deciding votes, Shea-Porter’s support for an enormously expensive, bureaucratic nightmare of a bill is another example of her disregard for the future generations who will be bankrupted by this new entitlement.
"If we really want to improve health care in America, let’s start by giving Carol Shea-Porter and Congressional Democrats hearing exams, because they’re obviously not listening to what voters are telling them.  I’ve met with voters all over the district about this issue.  New Hampshire never asked for this health insurance bill, can’t afford it, and will suffer under the bureaucratic weight of it.  If elected, my top priority will be to repeal this bill and to start over on creating a real solution.
“Carol Shea-Porter thinks that she knows what’s best for her constituents despite their persistent, vocal objections to this bill, but voters can no longer afford that sort of political arrogance and will hold her accountable in November.”