Guinta For Congress - Historic Step in the Wrong Direction: Carol Shea-Porter Abandons Her District

Historic Step in the Wrong Direction

Carol Shea-Porter Abandons Her District In Favor of Washington’s Ruling Class

Manchester - In a historic step in the wrong direction, Carol Shea-Porter ignored her constituents and casted a vote for Washington’s ruling class. Today’s passing vote on the government takeover of 1/6 of our economy was taken despite months and months of attempts by New Hampshire residents to change Congresswoman Shea-Porter’s mind. Her vote in favor of this monstrous government takeover of our health care signifies that she agrees with Nancy Pelosi that raising taxes, cutting Medicare, and making the Internal Revenue Service the enforcement arm on your health care decisions is good for New Hampshire families and small businesses.

“This was a misstep of historic proportions. Carol Shea-Porter, Nancy Pelosi, and Washington’s ruling class misplayed their hand on this issue. They chose to give politicians and bureaucrats in Washington more power while ignoring the pleading of families and small business right here in New Hampshire. The voters of New Hampshire have my word that if elected, I will work to repeal it. New Hampshire deserves real and honest reforms; reforms that take into account the rights of the state and the needs of its residents. What we have gotten from Congresswoman Shea-Porter is just another soon to be failed big government program,” said First Congressional District Candidate Frank Guinta.