AFP - A Tough Night

Dear Friend,

Yesterday, we suffered a tough defeat on the health care takeover vote in Congress.  But take heart - we won with the American people.  And trust me, this battle is not over.

Every public opinion poll demonstrates that a solid majority of the American people oppose this health care takeover bill.  Every major election since health care took center stage was won by candidates opposing this legislation - Virginia, New Jersey, Massachusetts. 

Why are the American people with us and against the liberals in Congress? 

They're with us for two key interconnected reasons.

First, the energy and determination and sacrifice of literally hundreds of thousands of grassroots activists just like you helped win our fellow citizens to our side.  They saw the "Hands Off My Health Care" rallies, congressional town hall meetings (when members of Congress would actually hold them), tea parties, bus tours.  They heard you talking to them, read your emails and blogs, watched your passion and heard your reasoning. 

When Speaker Pelosi called us "un-American" and Majority Leader Reid said we were "evil-mongers" and the Obama administration said we were "astro-turf," they looked around and realized that in fact you and I and so many grassroots activists are friends, family, neighbors, little league coaches, teachers, veterans, students.  In short, our freedom movement is so big that political independents now personally know and hear from us and that's making a huge difference. 

Second, the facts of this issue are simply on our side.  Our fellow citizens know a Washington, D.C. - passed bill over 2,000 pages long, costing $1.2 trillion just in the first decade, adding at least 118 new federal agencies, and hiring 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce the $569.2 billion in new tax increases is another disastrous big-government scheme.

Our fellow citizens know that a government powerful enough to create new health care boards and to mandate what is or is not acceptable health insurance coverage will in the end get between us and our doctors.  They know government control of health care means bureaucrats deciding who gets what treatment and when.  After all, they only have to look north to Canada or across the Atlantic to Europe for frightening examples. 

This vote tells us a lot about Congress.  Every single Republican in the House voted NO.  34 Democrats voted NO as well, and we should thank both groups. CLICK HERE for the list of members and how they voted.

But, 219 Democrats put their party and their liberal ideology and their fear of the Left's machine above the clear desire of their constituents and voted YES. 

Now, some state attorneys general are talking about suing, and states are passing laws trying to exempt their citizens from being forced to purchase government-approved health insurance.

In the coming days we will detail plans to make sure this health care issue stays front and center.  Our website petition continues to grow with over 323,000 people signing the petition in just 4 days.  Let's make sure Congress sees this list of citizens grow each and every day. 

But for now, let's get up off the ground, shake off the dust and prepare for what lies ahead.


Tim Phillips

PS:  One last thing.  I would love to hear your most enduring memory up till now from this health care battle that we're fighting.  Perhaps it's something you saw or heard at a rally, tea party or "Hands Off My Health Care" bus tour event.  Or, perhaps it's a response you received to an email or call. 

Email me at and we'll share these with your fellow activists.

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