Ashooh Supports Jeb Bradley's Amendment to Block Obama's Health Insurance Mandate

MANCHESTER – Today, Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, made the following statement regarding State Senator Jeb Bradley’s amendment to block the Federal health insurance mandate.
“I support Senator Bradley’s effort to protect New Hampshire citizens from being required to purchase health insurance under the recently passed Obama-Pelosi health insurance bill.  The Bradley Amendment would block the new Federal mandate and preserve an individual’s right to choose the best course of action for them and their families.
“Not only will the new health insurance bill increase premiums for working families and mandate that individuals purchase insurance, but it will also penalize employers who can’t afford health insurance for their employees – creating yet another tax on small businesses in our state.  During these tough economic times, with unemployment at historic highs, New Hampshire doesn’t need new unfunded mandates that tax families and entrepreneurs.  If elected, my top priority will be to repeal the Obama-Pelosi bill and to start over on creating a real solution.
“I commend Jeb Bradley for his leadership in the State Senate and wholeheartedly support his efforts.”