CHQ - Viguerie says Vibrant Tea Party Movement Reason for Optimism

Viguerie optimistic about Tea Party Movement at Virginia event - "So you think the Tea Party movement sweeping America is due to die? Well, think again, said Richard Viguerie, a Manassas man who also happens to be known as the pioneer of a direct mailing effort in the 1970s that was largely credited as saving the conservative cause.

"Viguerie-an author and the chairman of the Manassas-based[addressed] just that point at a free Tea Party event Saturday at the Chantilly Regional Library. 'I've been involved in politics and the conservative movement for a very long time, and this is the most optimistic I've been,' he said, in reference to his political view. '[Former President Ronald] Reagan talked about the need to elect new leaders, unfettered by old ties, unfettered by old relationships. This is what the Tea Party people are doing. They're bringing a new voice, new energy.' 

"And these voices won't be leaving the political scene any time soon, he said."

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