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John P. Allen
Veterans Today Calls for Immediate Resignaton of Congressmen "Baby Killer" Neugebauer
Veterans Today Calls for Immediate Resignaton of Congressmen Baby  Killer NeugebauerTexas congressman admits yelling 'baby killer'
Decency in all Leaders Demanded Now! 

A Republican congressman from Texas on Monday admitted he shouted "baby killer" from the House floor as Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich., defended his change of position on health care legislation on Sunday. But Rep. Randy Neugebauer said that his remark was a comment on the bill itself and not directed at the Michigan lawmaker.

Veterans Today is sick and tired of this lack of decency and respect for others. It's hurting our country and our people from the top down.

If the Republican party is really serious about being a decent serious party for the American people, Veterans Tdoay demands that the GOP leadership ask for and get the resignation of this poor excuse for a congressmen.  Replace him with someone who can speak intelligently, communicate your position, and do so with respect for others.

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