NetRight Daily: This Is What Change Looks Like?

This Is What Change Looks Like?:  Last night, Obama in his "victory speech", claimed that the passage of the ObamaCare legislation was an example of what "change" looks like. If this is what change looks like, then please wake me up from this terrible dream.

The Battle May Be Lost, But the War Is Not:  The die has been cast. Last night, despite overwhelming opposition by the American people to the government taking over the nation's entire health care system, the House of Representatives voted 219 to 212 to do just that, adopting the Senate version of ObamaCare.

Rewriting The Social Contract:  Last week, Moody's issued yet another warning that the U.S. was "significantly" closer to having its credit downgraded. In short, if interest owed on the national debt, currently at an annual 8.49 percent of revenue at $188 billion, rises above 14 percent, the U.S. will lose its Triple-A credit rating.

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