NHDP - Ayotte Ducks and Dodges JUA as Flip-Flops Haunt Campaign

New Email Released Shows Ayotte Heaped Praise on State Budget
CONCORD - In the latest example of Kelly Ayotte's continuing flip-flop on New Hampshire's JUA decision and her approval of last year's state budget, an email surfaced over the weekend where she praised passage of the budget, citing tough economic times [Nashua Telegraph, 3/21/10]. The budget included the nearly $110 million borrowed from the Joint Underwriting Association (JUA), a move that had been green-lighted by then-Attorney General Ayotte's Office.
The email released over the weekend contains further evidence of Ayotte's involvement in and support for last year's state budget, as she writes that she is "pleased to announce that the budget that was passed by the Legislature funds our budget at the level proposed by the governor much earlier this year. This is positive news given our economic situation" [Nashua Telegraph, 3/21/10]
"No matter how fast she runs, the JUA decision keeps catching up with Kelly Ayotte," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "She's doing everything she can to duck, dodge, and place responsibility elsewhere, but every week we see new evidence that she actually praised and defended the use of the JUA. This latest flip-flop just shows how Kelly Ayotte will say or do anything for political gain."  
Ayotte has been persistently dogged by the JUA decision on the campaign trail. Because the move was lambasted by Republicans across the state, Ayotte has been desperate to distance herself from the decision, stating last month that she said that she "didn't weigh in one way or another," and "only gave a legal opinion." Ayotte said she was actually opposed to the decision and would have voted against it were she a legislator [Union Leader, 2/4/10]. The Governor's Office has been quick to contradict her account, saying that "The Governor worked closely with the Attorney General's office on the development of the JUA policy. Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte never once raised an objection during the process." [WMUR, 2/3/10]