Sam Adams Alliance - A New Health System and Our Congress

The passage yesterday of unpopular new health care legislation marks a sharp turning point not just for our health system, but for the future of the American economy.

Despite poll after poll indicating Americans were in strong opposition to the kind of reform up for a vote, not to mention the unmistakable warning sign of a Republican taking Ted Kennedy's seat, 219 members of Congress voted yesterday to pass the new legislation. They ignored the polls and the warning signs, but most significantly, ignored their constituents.

In the latest Engaging Democracy podcast, Eric O'Keefe addresses the mystery of how the House of Representatives can pass deeply unpopular legislation in an election year. With many focusing on the possibility of Democrats losing their majority in November, Eric discusses why Congress is brazen enough to keep ignoring the wishes of voters in the first place, and how voters can change things in 2010 and beyond.    

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