AFP NH - Health Care Fight

Dear Friends,

Last night was a tough night. Like many of you, I watched with disappointment as the U.S. House voted to nationalize the world’s greatest healthcare system.  It’s hard to explain the true impact this legislation will have not only on our generation but on future generations. 

This weekend, former U.S. Senator Gordon Humphrey (R-NH) and a group of family and friends hit the open road in a rented RV traveling across New England begging people to call their elected officials to stop the takeover of the healthcare system. 

The “Hands off my Health Care” Bus Tour ( started in Portland, Maine and continued to Portsmouth, NH, Concord, NH and finished in Nashua.  We drove over 400 miles and saw hundreds of people who feel as disappointed as we do. 

In Maine, TV 6 (CBS) reported on our rally:

Here in New Hampshire newspapers covered us too:

I want to thank all of those who turned out for our rallies. 

Here is a photo that reminds us all what we are fighting for.  This is from the Rally in Nashua.



Let’s send a message to those who didn’t listen to our hundreds of thousands of calls to their offices by signing the petition at

My best,

Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director – New Hampshire


P.S.   It is only through your continued financial support can we keep fighting.  Please donate on-line at