CHQ - Tea Party rebellion targets Stupak

Tea Party Rebellion Growing After Vote 
Newsmax - "The backlash against healthcare-reform has just begun, but already it's clear that tea party leaders plan to keep fighting.

"Less than 24 hours after the vote, for example, the FireThe219 Web site went live. A blog created by The Nationwide Tea Party Coalition, the site targets the 219 House members who voted for healthcare reform. 'Fire the 219 is dedicated to removing from power all 219 members of Congress who voted to destroy the finest health care system in the world on March 21, 2010, through any and all legal means possible,' the Web site declares.

"Its No. 1 target not surprisingly: [Bart] Stupak."


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Support surges for Stupak's re-election opponent after abortion funding deal with White House
Washington Examiner (blog) - Michigan Democratic Rep. Bart Stupak became the face of the opposition to Obamacare because of his stated objections to its abortion-funding provisions, and then turned into the House's biggest traitor when he reversed his stance and voted for the bill anyway. 

Stupak Foes Flock to Facebook and Twitter
Human Events - "Less than 24 hours after the historic healthcare vote, both Twitter and Facebook conservatives wasted little time in broadcasting their widespread discontent, warning House Democrats that their partisan passing of the bill might be their political death warrant."

Bipartisan Blame for Obamacare
The American Conservative - "[I]t was the House Minority Leader and his Republican Party that helped push through Bush's Medicare expansion, a piece of legislation passed by cutting backroom deals behind closed doors and hidden from the people. Beginning with a national debt of a little over $5 trillion in 2000, the debt doubled in eight years, rising to over $10 trillion when Bush left office. Said Boehner in the wake of the passage of Democrats healthcare scheme Sunday night, 'shame on us.' He was right to use the word 'us.' "

State legislators announce plans to reject ObamaCare
Austin Capital Times - "Members of the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) announced plans this week to file legislation to reject the federal health care bill due to its impact and costs to the state and to Texans."

Three-way Florida U.S. Senate race still finds Rubio way ahead
Rasmussen Reports - Rumors have circulated for weeks that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, if denied the Republican Party's nomination for U.S. Senate in the August primary, would run as an independent to try and derail the chances of winning for conservative favorite Marco Rubio - but a recent poll shows that even if Crist is part of a three-way race, Rubio still enjoys a large lead.

Health care fight energizes Pro-Life Movement
Washington Times - There's nothing like a good fight to get people animated and involved - and the passage of the Obamacare bill along with its public funding of abortion has certainly had that effect on the Pro-Life movement.  Pro-Life leaders are seeing a surge in membership to Pro-Life organizations, which is good for the movement - but the passage of the abortion-promoting bill still makes their job that much harder in trying to protect the unborn.

Obama should be careful what he wishes for
American Thinker - Avi Davis writes of the legislative 'triumph' that Pres. Obama and the Democrats have fought so long and hard for, a victory that will inevitably cost them more than they've won. 

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