Franklin Center - ICYMI: Non-profits beat government subsidy of news

ICYMI: Non-profits beat government subsidy of news
By Jason Stverak, President of The Franklin Center


There is no denying that the newspaper industry is struggling. Numerous media analysts have mentioned that the way to revive the newspaper business is through government subsidies. We wanted to share with you a column by the Franklin Center's President Jason Stverak that argues against government intervention. The column ran in today's Daily Caller

Non-profits beat government subsidy of news

Every day, more and more newspapers are forced to shut their doors, leaving communities around the nation at a loss for quality news coverage. Many have suggested that government subsidizes are the solution, but government intervention will create greater problems then the struggling newspaper business is currently enduring.

This is especially true when better alternatives already exist from non-profits.

We all know that the government can be tremendously helpful to the American people. But when that help would do more harm than good, as in proposed subsidy of the newspaper business, America must say No!

Yes, newspapers need help. Yes, their recent decline puts our republic at risk. However, throwing government subsidies will not save them. In fact, expanded government influence on journalism would be disastrous to the reputation and credibility of journalists.

If government subsidizes news, journalists no longer will be able to report credibly on stories that matter to the people, but ultimately only on what matters to officials. Journalists will ignore scandal and corruption for fear of losing government funds. They will become political flacks and write to appease government instead of investigating it.

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