Jennifer Horn For Congress - Signs the "Repeal It!' Pledge

NASHUA - Jennifer Horn, Republican Candidate for Congress, announced today that she signed the "Repeal It! Pledge.

"While the President is signing the Health Care bill into law, he should know that his victory will be short lived. Americans are angry at the arrogance and abuse of power displayed by the President and Congress. Since they chose to ignore  us and pass a bill that Americans overwhelmingly rejected, we will make our voices heard this November," said Horn. "It is time for a new day in Washington: new voices and a renewed dedication to our founding principles"

Horn concluded: "I am proud to sign this pledge and encourage everyone who stands for the cause of freedom to sign the pledge as well. I promise to the voters of the 2nd District that if elected to Congress, I will introduce and fight for legislation that would effect an immediate repeal of this terrible legislation."

Individuals wishing to sign the pledge can do so by clicking here: SIGN THE "REPEAL IT!" PLEDGE []
Repeal It! Pledge