NetRight Daily: ObamaCare Heads to Court...

Fighting the Good Fight:  It was a battle which began last spring and it took the side of right nearly a year to fall despite the odds against it. As I write this, the nationalization of one-sixth of the nation's economy and the ability for government to pry further into all aspects of your personal life – indeed, control the fate of your very being – is essentially one Presidential signature away from happening.

14 Attorneys General File Suit Against ObamaCare:  Fourteen Attorneys General have filed suits against ObamaCare. Is your AG on this list? If not, contact them and get them to stand up! The fight to stop ObamaCare isn't over yet, and we can still win!

Cuccinelli Attacks ObamaCare's Individual Mandate:  Today, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will file suit against the federal mandate imposed by ObamaCare that individuals must purchase health insurance. He and other courageous state attorneys general deserve our thanks.

Uncommon Knowledge:  In this week's episode, the focus is on War and History with Victor Davis Hanson.

In Defense of Earmarks:  Earmarks have become the new bogeyman of US politics, and Democrats and Republicans have prided themselves on one-upping each other in earmark reform for the past few weeks. First Democrats proposed a ban on any earmarks to for-profit companies. Then Republicans proposed a ban on all earmarks. Most people equate "earmarks" with "pork barrel spending." But what, really, are earmarks?

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