Ashooh For Congress - Union Ad is Payback for Shea-Porter Vote on Health Care, Card Check


MANCHESTER – Today, Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, made the following statement regarding AFSCME’s new political ad for Carol Shea-Porter.
“It’s no surprise that the unions are already forced to prop up their liberal choice for Congress with political ads.  Big Labor recognizes that incumbents like Shea-Porter are in trouble, and these ads are certainly payback for her vote to exclude unions from the tax on high-end health plans and her support for “card check” legislation.
“Shea-Porter is going to need much more than special interest TV ads to distract from her abysmal voting record.  Her support for Obama’s enormously expensive and intrusive health insurance bill will raise premiums for working families and penalize small businesses.  All the TV ads in the world will not lessen the economic pain that will be felt by New Hampshire’s taxpayers as this law is implemented.
“Shea-Porter is the most reliable vote for Big Labor’s effort to end secret ballots for union elections, and she proved her worth to them again by supporting a special eight-year exemption for unions from a new 40% tax on high-end insurance plans.
“The Obama-Pelosi health insurance bill is bad medicine for New Hampshire, and, if elected, I will vote to repeal it. The concerns of New Hampshire’s voters were ignored by their Congresswoman, and these new political ads will only remind them of that.”