CHQ - Cuccinelli: Stop the Individual Mandate in ObamaCare

Conservative HQ's News From the Front | 24 March 2010

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Cuccinelli: Stop the Individual Mandate in ObamaCare
Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is asking Americans to join Virginia's fight to overturn the federal individual mandate on health insurance. Sign up and show your support!

Ralph Benko: It's Tea Partiers and Republicans Against the Elitists Democrats
Washington Examiner
Conservative activist Ralph Benko writes of Pres. Obama's overtly elitist attitude, arguing that Obama is in spirit, a modern monarchist. 

Sarah Palin on How to Undo Obama's 'Socializing of America',2933,589803,00.html
FOX News
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin talks with Sean Hannity on how to turn America around.

Obama Signs Obamacare, Repeal Debate Commences
Washington Examiner
Twelve Republican Senators have already co-sponsored Sen. Jim DeMint's measure to repeal ObamaCare.

Latest Florida Poll Shows Rubio Maintaining Large Lead Over Crist
Rasmussen Reports
Rubio 56%, Crist 34%, undecided 8% in the latest Rasmussen poll.

Obamacare Isn't Inevitable
National Review Online
 Instead of giving up, conservatives can work to repeal and replace the legislation and make Democrats pay for the immense damage they've done to our founding principles.

Stupak's 30 pieces of silver are worth $726,409 in federal grants?
Stupak apparently received promises of $726,409 in federal grants for three airports in his district last week.  Coincidence?