NetRight Daily: Goodwin Liu and the Constitution

The World According to Goodwin Liu:  Today, the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to begin confirmation hearings on Barack Obama's nominee to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Goodwin Liu. Liu's record itself is rather unremarkable. He has no judicial experience. He only practiced law privately for a little more than 20 months.

ObamaCare Insurance Mandate Unconstitutional:  Yesterday, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed a petition to the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Virginia on behalf of the Commonwealth against the federal mandate imposed by ObamaCare that individuals must purchase or obtain health insurance, whether from a private insurance company or from government.

No ObamaCare for Obama:  President Obama declared that the new health care law "is going to be affecting every American family." Except his own, of course.

The Anti-Rebellion:  If Western Civilization is on its physical and philosophical deathbed – having been infected by cradle-to-grave welfare mononucleosis, multicultural whooping cough, green fever, and demographic sclerosis – then the riots in Greece aptly, and ironically, sum up this death.

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