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Dear Friends,

It was only eight months ago that the Tea Party Movement burst onto the political scene making waves in every community around the nation, including Washington, D.C. They are noisy, controversial, derided and celebrated by pundits; but the real motivation of these Tea Partiers has yet to be determined. That is until now.

The Sam Adams Alliance, a Chicago-based non-profit group advancing free-market principles, conducted interviews with dozens of leaders in the grassroots movement to see what inspired their participation. The group surveyed 49 individuals who had organized protests in their communities and conducted in-depth interviews with 10 of them at a conservative leadership training seminar in Dallas in January. The results surprised even Anne Sorock, who was with the group when it began sponsoring protests last year. To read the story click here.

But, now we would like to hear your opinion of the Tea Partiers. strives to maintain an interactive relationship with our readers and we would like to know if you think that Tea Party movement will have enough lasting momentum to play a significant role in the 2010 mid-term elections.

You opinion is important to us and we look forward to utilizing your expertise in the future with other polls.

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