Ashooh For Congress - NH Jobs and Tourism Hurt by Obama-Shea-Porter Health Insurance Mandate

New Federal mandate may cost NH ski resorts “$1 million” each

MANCHESTER – Today, Rich Ashooh, Republican candidate in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, raised concerns about the impact of the new Federal health insurance mandate on New Hampshire’s small business and tourism economy.
“It was reported today that New Hampshire’s ski industry will be hurt by the Obama health insurance mandate recently passed by Congressional Democrats, perhaps costing each resort ‘$1 million’ in fines. Not only will this new entitlement raise insurance premiums for working families, but it will penalize small business owners – especially seasonal employers – who cannot afford to provide health coverage for their employees.
“With every passing day we are learning more of what is in this terrible piece of legislation that Carol Shea Porter and Nancy Pelosi have forced on New Hampshire. As this new law is implemented, Granite Staters will surely feel its negative effect.  Our economy is struggling, with many people still out of work.  This over-priced, over-reaching entitlement program is a job-killer that penalizes small businesses, adds to a $12 Trillion debt, and taxes working families.  
“New Hampshire’s ski areas will not be the only ones affected by this irresponsible legislation, as it will also saddle manufacturers, hotels, restaurants, and other small businesses with higher costs and less opportunity to grow and hire workers.  This mandate is an economic disaster for popular tourist destinations like Hampton Beach, the Lakes Region and North Conway.
“Carol Shea-Porter failed to listen to these concerns when she had a chance to make a difference and stop Obama’s mandates from further burdening our state’s small business and tourism economy.
“I’ve spent my career working to promote and maintain an economic climate that empowers small business, spurs innovation, and enables job growth. In Congress, I will take what I’ve learned in business, government and the community to continue that commitment to improve our state’s economy and the quality of life for New Hampshire families.”