CHQ - Americans 49-37% in Support of State Lawsuits Against Obamacare

Conservative HQ's News From the Front | 25 March 2010

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Americans 49-37% in Support of State Lawsuits Against Obamacare
Rasmussen Reports
A nationwide survey of voters shows that nearly half support state lawsuits filed against the mandatory insurance purchase provisions in Obamacare, according to Rasmussen Reports. Further, 81% of voters believe the government's health care plan will cost more than projected.

To leftists, dissent equals hate
World Net Daily
Phil Elmore writes of the Left's attempts to brand conservative Tea Partyers as racists or homophobes - marginalizing them as extremists so their real message won't be delivered by the media. Elmore says the Left has no answer for those who put forth rational arguments against their socialist policies, so the only way to discredit them is to try and take away their humanity and legitimacy.

What Was That Line About the Tree of Liberty and the Blood of Tyrants?
Powerline (blog)
Democrats and the media are certainly up in arms about the 'threats' that members of Congress are purportedly receiving from outraged citizens over Obamacare, but here's a view pointing out that it's the Left that heartily embraces political violence - and often uses it to intimidate anyone who challenges their power base. Simply put: the Left is propping up the 'violence' to try and suppress the legitimate aims of the Tea Party movement.

Beck to Grassroots: Remain Peaceful, 'Don't Be Set Up'
Media host Glen Beck has a piece of advice for those who are upset about the passage of Obamacare: don't pick anything up except your scriptures, and trust in God to deliver us. Other conservative leaders echoed Beck's call to peaceful protest, warning that excessive force used in opposition to the Democrats just plays into the hands of those who champion government power.

Dick Cheney endorses Trey Greyson in Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate race
American Spectator (blog)
It should come as no surprise to grassroots conservatives, but former Vice President Dick Cheney has endorsed the establishment Republican in the Kentucky GOP U.S. Senate race, Trey Greyson. Cheney has a habit of siding with the establishment (which should come as no surprise, either), but his endorsements also don't seem to mean much to the folks who are casting the votes - and polls show that they like Rand Paul.