DNC Announces 35 Television and Radio Ads on Health Reform To Run In Markets Across the Country including in New Hampshire

Ads Show Support for Congressman Paul Hodes and other Democratic House Members Who Voted for the Bill, Calls Out Republican Members in Districts Won by Obama for Standing with Insurance Companies, Not the American People and Calling for Repeal

 DNC TV AD: "Shots: Hodes":  http://www.youtube.com/democraticvideo#p/u/13/juWMaminPqw

Washington – Today, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced that it will begin airing 35 television and radio ads beginning today in markets across the country.  The ads will praise Hew Hampshire Congressman Paul Hodes and other House Democrats who supported historic legislation to reform our nation’s health insurance system and highlight House Republicans who voted against health reform, which makes health insurance more affordable, reins in insurance company abuses and extends coverage to millions of Americans who lack it today.  With respect to Republican efforts to repeal health reform the radio ads say “Hands of our Health Care.”

Of the 35 Members, 25 television ads will show support for Democratic House Members who voted for the bill.  The ads are part of Organizing for America’s “You Fight, We Fight” program, which is dedicated to providing political and electoral support to Democrats who supported reform.  Organizing for America is a project of the DNC.

In addition to these 25 television ads thanking Democrats, 10 radio ads will run calling out Republican House Members in districts won by President Obama who chose to stand with insurance companies instead of the American people.  The ads note that many Republican members are now calling for the repeal of health reform, and asks the members’ constituents to call them and tell them emphatically “Hands off our Health Care.”

The TV ad “Shots” will run in Rep. Paul Hodes’s district and districts where Democratic members supported the bill, thanking them for their vote and highlighting what the legislation will do to rein in insurance companies, provide quality, affordable insurance options for small businesses and individuals, close the Medicare prescription drug donut hole and finally take control of health care from insurance companies and put it in the hands of American families and small businesses. 

The radio ad “Hands Off Our Health Care” will run in districts of Republicans who voted against health reform.  The ad highlights their decision to stand with insurance companies instead of middle class families and their fight to enable insurers to continue denying coverage because of pre-existing conditions and jack up premiums.  It also highlights Republicans calls to repeal the legislation, which ends these unfair insurance industry practices, lowers drug costs for seniors and gives small businesses tax credits.

“Shots” will be running in the Districts of the following 25 Democrats: Reps. Kirkpatrick (AZ-01), Mitchell (AZ-05), Giffords (AZ-08), Cardoza (CA-18), Costa (CA-20), Markey (CO-04), Grayson (FL-08), Donnelly (IN-02), Ellsworth (IN-08), Boswell (IA-03), Walz (MN-01), Oberstar (MN-08), Hodes (NH-01), Holt (NJ-12), Bishop (NY-01), Etheridge (NC NC-02), Driehaus (OH-01), Wilson (OH-06), Boccieri (OH-16), Schrader (OR 05), Spratt (SC-05), Perriello (VA-05), Connolly (VA-11), Rahall (WV-03), Kagen (WI-08)

“Hands Off Our Health Care” will be running in the Districts of 10 Republicans: Reps. Lungren (CA-03), Bono Mack (CA-45), Castle (DE-AL),  Kirk (IL-10), Cao (LA-02),  Terry (NE-02), Tiberi (OH-12), Gerlach (PA-06),  Dent (PA-15),  Reichert (WA-08).

Please see below for the script and links to the ad “Shots: Hodes”:


For decades, the insurance lobby has called the shots…putting profits before people.

But with Paul Hodes help…that’s changing.

With a law prohibiting insurance company denials if you get sick or have a pre-existing condition.

Providing quality, affordable health care options to individuals and small business owners. 

And CLOSING the Medicare prescription gap.

Congressman Hodes…thank you.

The Democratic National Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

Link to DNC TV AD: "Shots":

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