Ayotte For US Senate - Help Me Fight to Repeal Government Health Care Takeover

Thank you for being a part of the Team that is leading the fight to take back our country!

Every day in Washington, the liberal agendas of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are on full display. They have driven our federal debt up over $12,000,000,000,000 (that’s twelve TRILLION!) and continue to pile on the spending as though our tax dollars are their personal bank accounts.
This past week we saw their complete disregard for the wishes of New Hampshire families as they passed their trillion dollar government takeover of health care. Make no mistake, their plan raises taxes by more than $500 billion, runs up the deficit even further, hurts our small businesses, and will ultimately result in higher premiums.
But I am running for the Senate to put a stop to their reckless spending habits, bring fiscal sanity and discipline to government, and repeal their health care debacle and replace it with meaningful reform.

Earlier this month, we launched Team Ayotte to give my most loyal supporters a chance to play an active role in my campaign. By clicking HERE, you can join my team of thousands of supporters, and make a secure, online donation to my campaign! In continuing to be a part of Team Ayotte, you can tell Nancy Pelosi and Paul Hodes that their reckless liberal spending and trillions of dollars of debt are not what New Hampshire families need!
Our campaign continues to pick up momentum. Recent polling shows me leading Congressman Paul Hodes, a foot-soldier in Nancy Pelosi’s army, by ten points, proving that our message is resonating with New Hampshire voters!
We have signed up more than 500 new supporters and grassroots volunteers in the last two weeks alone!
With your help, we will keep the momentum going. Please, visit my new website, and support Team Ayotte with your special, secure contribution. With your help, we’ll be one step closer to winning a great victory for New Hampshire, and to taking back our country!

Thank you for your generosity!

Kelly Ayotte
P.S. We can no longer allow the liberal elites in Washington to spend our country deeper into debt. We can stop them, but I need you to join our Team. Please, click HERE to visit my new website, and make a secure, online donation to make sure that we have the resources that we need to fight back against Nancy Pelosi, Paul Hodes and their liberal cronies. Thank you!