AFP - Another Obama Outrage


Just when you think this president cannot act more arrogantly, he proves us wrong.

President Obama waited for Congress to adjourn for Easter and then he used a recess appointment to put Big Labor lawyer Craig Becker on the board that is supposed to be a fair and honest broker between unions and employers. 

Becker was a top lawyer for SEIU (Service Employees International Union), one of the most liberal and thuggish public employee unions in the nation.  Now, thanks to President Obama, he's on the National Labor Relations Board. 

Becker is so radical on labor issues that the Democrat-controlled Senate REFUSED to approve his nomination!  Senator Ben Nelson (of "Cornhusker Kickback" infamy) even said Becker's record indicates he will "pursue a personal agenda." 

Remember the outrageous Card Check legislation President Obama pushed last year that would effectively take the right to a secret ballot away from Americans when they decide whether or not to join a union? Well, Becker is going to try and use his position on the National Labor Relations Board to push it through without Congress. This is just the latest instance of democracy denied - the administration's continued push around Congress and the American people. Check out AFP's to see how this fits together with other moves on Internet regulation, energy taxes and more.

Actions like the recess appointment of Craig Becker drive home just how liberal and arrogant the Obama administration really is.  I just read an advance copy of Sean Hannity's upcoming book entitled "Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda," which drives home this point with power and precision.

I'm glad someone with Sean Hannity's intellect and energy has detailed exactly what we're facing in taking on President Obama's agenda - especially on the economic front.  For more details about Sean's upcoming book tour, CLICK HERE.

Coming on the heels of the parliamentary tricks that rammed through the health care takeover despite the clear opposition of the American people, the Becker recess appointment just emphasizes how important our work is to defend our economic freedoms and our American way of life. 

It can get awfully frustrating at times, but we've got to keep up our fight for freedom.   

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Tim Phillips

P.S.:  All of the bottom bubbles on the interactive chart at are action items that give you an opportunity to fight back against these power grabs. On card check, we must urge Congress now more than ever to pass the Secret Ballot Protection Act to guarantee the NLRB, now with the SEIU's Craig Becker on board, cannot deny workers their rights. You can go directly to that action alert by clicking here.

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