Heritage: What's Next Now That Health Care Passed?

Heritage experts are combing through the Senate Health Care bill and reconciliation to see what the impacts and side effects will be on our health care system.



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NEXT UP: Congress is set to consider a 1,336 Financial Services Regulatory Reform bill that will give the Federal Reserve sweeping new authority.


Heritage's Brian Darling writes:


Last week, Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) jammed his new financial regulation bill through committee on a party-line vote in just 22 minutes. The legislation would allow the financial services industry to be eligible for new bailouts. This legislation effectively allows Washington bureaucrats to micromanage financial institutions. The President and other proponents of financial services reform legislation argue that that the legislation would put an end to the “too big to fail” dilemma. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just look at history. The Troubled Assets Relief Program bailed out institutions declared “too big to fail.” As a result of those bailouts, these same institutions are even bigger today. The Obama administration’s solution to the problem is to limit executive pay and take other measures to regulate private enterprise on Wall Street. Yet new bailout authorities for the federal government may, if recent history is repeated, make massive institutions even bigger.

The Dodd bill would actually create a permanent, $50 billion emergency fund to rescue or unwind firms deemed to be a threat by the new Financial Stability Oversight Council. Explicit financial support of the largest firms by the federal government encourages risky behavior and skews the market place, resulting in progressively riskier and larger firms.

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