NHDP - NH Republican Party's Call to Return Money Height of Hypocrisy

NHGOP calling on Democrats to return contributions after refusing for 7 years to return Abramoff money used to pay for phone jamming


Concord - Today, the New Hampshire Republican Party issued a release calling on Democrats to return campaign contributions from Congressman Charlie Rangel (D-New York).  Embarrassingly, they sent out the release without promising to return money they received from Jack Abramoff's Indian casino clients for the phone jamming scandal back in 2002.


"The Republican Party's hypocrisy is astounding," said Derek Richer, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.  "They have refused to return money from Jack Abramoff, a convicted felon, for 7 years - money they used to illegally jam Democratic phone lines."


During the 2002 election, the NHGOP received contributions from two of Abramoff's Indian casino clients just days before engaging in illegally jamming phone lines being used by the NHDP and firefighters to get out their vote.  Since then, they have repeatedly refused to return the funds.


"Ryan Williams and John H. Sununu should be embarrassed to make such a ridiculous attack," continued Richer.  "Are they going to give back the thousands in tainted money they received from Jack Abramoff and Mississippi Indian Casinos?"