CHQ - With Health Bill, Obama Has Sown The Seeds of a Budget Crisis

Conservative HQ's News From the Front | 30 March 2010

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From @RichardViguerie:

We need tens of thousands more Tea Partiers running for office. Consider becoming a candidate, or urging others to run! #tcot

A tsunami of biblical proportions will sweep many socialist politicians out of office this Nov. and would be a terrible thing to waste #tcot

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With Health Bill, Obama Has Sown The Seeds of a Budget Crisis
Washington Post - Robert J. Samuelson lays out the numbers, and it isn't pretty: with the passage of Obamacare, Pres. Obama and the Democrats are sowing the seeds of a real budget crisis by dramatically increasing spending when the national debt is already too high. Samuelson says our political leaders' lack of discipline is threatening the U.S. bond rating, which if lowered could cause the already listing fiscal ship to capsize.

"Fimian Minute" Offers Daily Method of Engaging Supporters -- In yesterday's News From The Front we incorrectly mentioned how VA-11 challenger Keith Fimian is engaging new voters with weekly messages on YouTube.  Turns out Fimian takes the time to issue daily messages.  Today's topic?  The economy.

First Tea Party Democrat to Run for Congress
NewsMax -- The Tampa Tea Party's own Tim Curtis will be challenging incumbent Democrat Kathy Castor for the Democratic nomination in Florida's 11th District as a "constitutional Democrat," showing the Tea Party movement's ideas do indeed span party affiliations.

Infiltrators Posing as Tea Partiers?
World Net Daily - Black conservative Mychal Massie writes of the Left's attempts to brand the Tea Party movement as racist - arguing that it's all part of an organized plot to discredit Tea Parties by planting troublemakers and having them pose as protestors.

Establishment GOP still resisting the tea party movement
American Thinker - "The problem is not whether the Tea Party can get together to back a mainstream Republican; the problem is whether the mainstream Republicans will back a Tea Party candidate."