Horn For Congress - A TIME FOR CHOOSING

My Friends,

I write to you today, because I need your help. I know your inbox is being flooded with candidates asking for money as we approach the end of a fiscal quarter. But please, hear me out.

I believe that we are at a defining moment in our nations history. Americans are angry at the blatant abuse of power by this Congress and President Obama, and they are saying in a loud, clear voice: NO MORE. WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH.

But, our fight is more than just anger at the Heath Care bill, Cap and Trade, bailouts, government take-over of private industry or the unimaginable growth of government. We are fighting to preserve freedom and our American way of life. So how do we win?

The answer is simple: we must return to the principles of personal freedom, unlimited opportunity and small, limited government. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103246423424&s=637&e=0016s8u34nbcrv4LnwJL1sanMXLfntTqMUT2gUlvSvupY5rVjSI2VyoWe7GgoRSYqqPoDUzE1gD_zAYpXQoWOOMp-Xr0cgut07_hlduKY4ttCl3H8oD2ZosfI7eTvte4tBD]

And that brings me to our "Time For Choosing."

Stephen Moore of The Wall Street Journal wrote that the NH-2 primary will be an indicator of "whether the party is ready to turn aside the Republican old guard for a new generation of conservative leaders."

Your choice will determine the future of the Republican Party and the direction for America. It's a choice between a 30 year political insider or a new voice, a new energy and a renewed dedication to our founding principles.Charlie Bass calls himself a member of the tea party movement, but you and I know him as a big-spending Washington Insider.

National Reviewcalled Charlie Bass a "cap and trade Republican." And after promising to serve only six terms, Charlie Bass ran for a seventh in 2006. That is when voters said "enough."

I personally like Charlie Bass and I was honored to have his endorsement when I ran in 2008. But Charlie Bass is the wrong person for the job. It's time for us to move forward.

We have an important deadline in less than 48 hours. Charlie Bass has activated his circle of Washington friends to help him try once again for a seventh term. And that's why I need your help. Please visit my website and make a contribution of $1000, $500, $250, $100 or what ever you can so we can say no to the old ways of doing things.


My promise to you is that when I am in Congress, I will stand firm with my belief that our founding fathers wrote the Constitution not to limit our freedom, but to limit our government. So once again my friends, we have a "rendezvous with destiny. [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103246423424&s=637&e=0016s8u34nbcru-gJu2ubUVY15JIK1cDw_tBna-aWB0_OcOf2K7ubshhtgGL4pTXE3rziO4ZyZQRvL_cWSCSkhR9x4I7ndKeW0OOM-5HAiDfG2c-SOdVVV2omoajcji2En3umitjAsZ22I=]"

We can change government and make it work for us again.

We live in a great nation. America is a nation of grand dreams, great efforts and extraordinary achievement. We require bold leaders who embrace the unlimited potential of our nation to grow in prosperity and accomplishment and remain forever a beacon of hope to freedom-seeking people everywhere.

We need to stand together and move our nation forward. Thank you for your support.


Ronald Reagan - A Time for Choosing 1964

A Time for Choosing - Reagan [http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?et=1103246423424&s=637&e=0016s8u34nbcru-gJu2ubUVY15JIK1cDw_tBna-aWB0_OcOf2K7ubshhtgGL4pTXE3rziO4ZyZQRvL_cWSCSkhR9x4I7ndKeW0OOM-5HAiDfG2c-SOdVVV2omoajcji2En3umitjAsZ22I=]