CONCORD - With Republican senate candidate Kelly Ayotte remaining silent on a plan to create jobs for New Hampshire's middle-class families and small businesses, the New Hampshire Democratic Party today announced Ayotte's plan on her behalf.
The NHDP revealed the Ayotte Jobs Plan on a new website: www.ayottejobsplan.com.
"Kelly Ayotte has yet to voice one new idea for creating one new job in the Granite State," said Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the NHDP. "She is recycling tired GOP talking points from Washington and trying to take us straight back to the failed economic policies of George Bush. New Hampshire needs creative solutions to get our middle-class families back to work - not more of the same policies and practices that dealt this country the worst recession in modern history."
On the campaign trail, Ayotte has been a staunch advocate of the economic policies that defined George Bush's administration: tax cuts for the wealthy, lax regulation of Wall Street, tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas, and billion-dollar subsidies for big oil and other corporate interests.