CHQ - All the Momentum is with the Conservative Grassroots

The conservative movement has all the energy right now
Wall Street Journal  - Polls across the country are revealing the reemergence of the conservative movement, but none more so than in Florida, where grassroots favorite Marco Rubio has surged ahead of the GOP establishment's choice, Gov. Charlie Crist, for the state's Republican U.S. Senate nomination.  One political scientist (Prof. Matthew Corrigan) in Florida explained Rubio's surprisingly large 18-point lead this way:

"The conservative movement is the one seemingly with all the energy right now.  That really puts moderate Republicans with targets on their back." 



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Rick Perry win in Texas signals potent message
Politico - Conservative voters in Texas sent a strong message to Washington and the rest of the country by rejecting the bid of the 'moderate' candidate in the Texas GOP gubernatorial race (Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison), and giving conservative favorite Gov. Rick Perry over 50% of the vote in a three-way primary. 

Bunning's Blockade Became a Conservative Rallying Cry
Washington Independent - Senator Jim Bunning's attempt to block a federal spending initiative may not have won him any friends amongst the Democrats, the media or even some in his own Party's leadership, but it's proven popular with who really matters - the public. 

Restoring consent of the people preserves the republic
Washington Times - RNC member Solomon Yue argues that the time is now for the grassroots Tea Party activists to work for Republican victories - but he also says the movement needs to remain independent, and should be watching closely to ensure that all elected officials are accountable. 

Texas Republican primary turnout more than doubled due to conservative grassroots activism
The Texas Tribune - "Greg Holloway, a director of the Austin Tea Party Patriots, agrees that turnout was the main mission, and says it would be an error to 'assume that the Tea Party movement is entirely an anti-incumbent movement. The real goal for us was to get more people to vote in the primary.' "

Tea Party candidates oust incumbent, force runoff
Austin TV News 8 - Conservative "tea party" candidates have ousted a longtime ally of Republican House Speaker Joe Straus and are apparently sending another one into a runoff.

Local races in Smith County Texas go to conservative grassroots candidates
KETK News - "Races in the Democratic and Republican primaries in Smith County had big-margin wins. Most candidates won their seats by ten points. This includes all the candidates endorsed by the Smith County grassroots organizations."


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